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Investment Coaching

In simple 4 or 8 hour courses, I will share my 20+ years of investment experience in stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, peer to peer and crowdfunding. You will learn how to invest in the UAE, UK, US, Spain and many other markets. You will invest in stock portfolios that achieved up to 30% per year for the last 7 years, real estate with a 12% yield assured for 25 years and so much more. I invite you to read the testimonials and choose the course that suits you and you will obtain financial freedom.- Haitham Sadek, Founder of Wealth Heights



This course is a life changing experience and probably the best investment you will ever make. If you are really keen about attaining financial freedom and want to learn from a real investment Guru (Haitham), then this course is for you.

M. Yousry Saudi Arabia

Taking the course with Haitham on how to grow my savings and make great investments was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It made me realize the number of bad choices I made in the past before and the number of lucrative investment options that are available. This totally changed my way of assessing any saving or investment opportunity. I wish I had taken this course 15 years ago. Everyone should get to learn how to grow their savings properly, and there is no one better than Wealth Heights to help with this. I am forever grateful.

M. Torki United Arab Emirates

One step I took to really push myself out of my comfort zone was to sign up for Wealth Height’s 8-week coaching program with Haitham. Let’s say I was not disappointed! My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. From the basics of financial planning to learning how to create a portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and personal goals, the course is rich in content and is highly personal at the same time. A great lesson I learned is that in financial investing (as with everything else), you need to invest in yourself, and I’m glad I started that lifetime journey with this course. My lessons weren't just highly informative- they were also thoroughly enjoyable.

A. Elnaggar Poland

I thought [my financial situation] was a vicious circle until I was introduced to Haitham Sadek. I would say it's an eye opener and an excellent “Start” if you wish to understand the basics of trading and your options on managing any savings. With Haitham's advise and guidance I am sure I will reach my targets earlier than I planned and maybe I won’t have to work till my 60’s. If anyone is looking to understand how the trading world works and secure themselves a secondary income, I would highly recommend the courses offered by Wealth Heights.

M. Hamdy Saudi Arabia

Wealth Heights testimonal

I learned critical skills, which changed my mindset about investments and personal finances. I learned how to invest practically. I learned how to calculate and mitigate risk. I learned how to achieve financial freedom and to build my portfolio. Haitham himself was a great teacher, who delivered the information clearly in a way that was easy to follow. He is a friendly and approachable teacher, who had no problem answering any of my questions at any time. This is not just a technical course, it’s much more than that.

W. Fouda Saudi Arabia

Haitham has been our financial coach for the last 15 years. Haitham has been extremely successful in diversifying our investments in property and the stock market, which has resulted in strong steady growth. I highly recommend Haitham for his genuine, passionate approach to helping us become financially literate and for navigating a fruitful financial path for our family.

M.Sadek Qatar




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