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Below are the key benefits of the 8-weeks, 1 to 1 live coaching program:

1- Thoroughly assess your financial situation and identify your financial goals.

2- Share my 20+ years of “hands on” investment experience to help you avoid costly mistakes when you build and execute your financial plan.

3- Develop the right investor mindset and belief for guaranteed success.

4- Learn the fundamentals of the main asset classes (Stocks, Properties, Bonds and Commodities).

5- Understand the 5 dimensions of diversification required for profitable investment.

6- Get the full details of my stock portfolio  which is up 30% last year (vs. 20% for the S&P500).

7- Understand the stock portfolios of the stock market gurus such as Ray Dalio , David Swensen and others.

8- Build together your stock portfolio that meet your needs and achieve your financial goals.

9- Learn the 6 golden rules of real estate investment and get investment opportunities around the world that meet these rules. 

10- Support you with “on the ground” resources in the UK to purchase your investment property

The above are solely the key points but you will learn much more. Many of my clients made profit of several thousands, in the first couple of weeks, investing in stocks, peer to peer or crowd funding. 

If you are serious about mastering investment in order to take control of your financial future and have a burning desire to achieve significant wealth, hurry up and book your Live Coaching and start your lucrative profitable journey. 


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