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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Real Estate Crowdfunding

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Real Estate Crowdfunding

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This week’s video is about Real Estate Crowdfunding. Did you know that you can be a landlord with only $500!! Watch my video above to learn how to become a landlord with as little as $500 via Real Estate crowdfunding investment! This week’s video will explain the pros and cons of real estate crowd funding. 

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding:

Real estate crowdfunding is to invest in real estate along with other investors, via online platforms that will propose real estate deals and take care of all the work, like listing deals, doing all the legal work, and then managing the property.


It enables people to invest in the stock market even though they don’t have the huge amount of deposit that they need at the beginning if they go directly and buy the apartment or house. So it allows you to invest in real estate with a very low amount of money (sometimes from 10 Euros or Dollars), diversify quickly into many properties, and also have a completely passive real estate portfolio.

It’s a great tool for people to start investing in real estate without waiting for so long until they have the deposit.



  • Diversification: invest across many types of properties/locations

  • Simplicity: No mortgage, property management, legal, maintenance, etc.

  • High yields and Capital growth: platforms use experienced real estate investors who get special lucrative deals not available for individual investors



  • Difficult to sell

  • Risk of the default of the platform


Examples of Crowd Funding platforms:


  • Real Estate investment in Spain, Portugal and Italy

  • Fast growing cities like Barcelona and Lisbon

  • Refurbished apartments with rental yields around 5%.


Property Moose

  • Offers very high yielding properties in UK

  • Identify great deals that they refurbish before renting it

  • It’s not unusual to see 7%-8% yields on this platform


Property Partner

  • Focuses on large deals of 20-30 apartments that can’t be accessed

  • Great interface with a secondary market to buy & sell shares of existing projects.


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