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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Commercial Properties Pros & Cons

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Commercial Properties Pros & Cons

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Want to know how commercial properties can offer you rent up to 12% guaranteed for 25 years? Make sure to watch this week’s video for very important watchouts!!

As many of you are aware, I started investing in real estate over 20 years ago but later on most of my investments were in stocks, bonds and gold. After reading books and attending a seminars, I realized that Real Estate (commercial properties) have great advantages and must be bigger part of my investment portfolio. Some examples of commercial properties include, Care Home, Student Accommodation, Hotel etc. 


Let’s take at the key advantages and disadvantages of commercial properties:


  • Very high assured rent for many years (up to 12% NET for 25 years)

  • Hands off investment (No maintenance, property management,…etc.)



  • Difficult to get Mortgage hence no leverage

  • Difficult to sell (only investors would buy)


Watch out:

  • Make sure you check with a solicitor the legal binding of the rent assurance and buy back


To understand more about the advantages and capabilities investing in commercial properties has, such as the power of leverage, improvements, refinance and diversification, please take a look at my previous article below:



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