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Since many years, I invest in the UK residential real estate for many reasons including the chronic supply issue as the current homebuilding is covering only two third of the target set by the government, High rental yield particularly in cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, low-interest rate and the simplicity for global investors to obtain mortgage, find property managers, surveyors, solicitors and accountants needed for purchasing and ongoing management of their properties. 

The market continues to go from strength to strength as highlighted in the last Night Frank’s report of the UK residential market progress during the first quarter of 2018. The summary of this report is as follows: 

1-   Average UK house prices rose by 0.2% in April, taking the annual change to 2.6% 

2-   Prime central London prices slipped by 0.1% in Marchand are down -1.1% on the year 

3-   Average UK rents rose by 1.1% in the year to March 

4-   Prime central London rents on existing homes declined by 1.5% in the year to March 

5-   The yearly growth of the different regions is as per the below map. West Midlands, East Midlands and Scotland have the highest yearly growth for this. quarter while London is the only area that has a year on year decline. 

6-   Home buyers and owners alike are watching the Bank of England closely into May, as there are conflicting signals about whether the central bank will move to raise interest rates next month. 

7-   Residential transactions across the market dipped in Q1 2018, down 2.2% compared to the same period last year, according to the latest data from HMR

In Wealth Heights’ coaching program, we help our clients to purchase properties in the hot areas of UK focusing mainly on Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham where yields and growth tend to be higher than the average of UK. We support them with trusted sourcing agents, property managers, solicitors, surveyors and accountants for tax return to ensure a very smooth process. If you are interested in investing in the very profitable UK Real Estate market, click here and book your coaching course.

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