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There are some important and frequently asked questions from Wealth Heights’ friends which, I will answer one by one in my regular newsletter in hopes of benefiting everyone.

I will try to simplify the answers in few points and refer to other articles where you can find more details. Today I will start with the most common question:

Q: “I’m interested in stocks investing but don’t know how to start, can you help?”

A: I would recommend the following easy steps for you to start successfully investing in the stock market: Tips to Stock investment for beginners

  • Read my free e-book “4 Steps that Doubled my Money” to learn the basics of stock market investment and the strategies I learnt from guru investors such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and others. You should have received this e-Book once you subscribed to Wealth Heights. If not, just send me an email.
  • Educate yourself about ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) through or simply read my articles “what is an ETF?” and “Pros and Cons of ETFs
  • Open a stock account with a reputable broker. I personally have used Interactive Broker for more than a decade and am very happy with it. Click here to open your account online.
  • Build a diversified portfolio. This step can take a bit of time until you build your knowledge and mastery. However, you can start investing immediately while increasing your knowledge following one of these ideas:
    • Invest in an index ETF like “SPY” that represents the S&P500. For more details, read my article “4 steps to beat 96% of fund managers
    • Use one of the most conservative but profitable portfolio “All seasons stocks strategy” developed by Ray Dalio; the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater, with $160B Assets Under Management.
    • Get one of Wealth heights portfolios that are built based upon the great investors’ teachings. My coaching clients and I use them and all of them beat the market for multiple years and are all following the 5 dimensions of diversification for extra safety. For more details, read my article “Why my portfolio is up 10% in 2018?”
  • Continue learning and increasing your financial education. Start by reading the books mentioned in my article “Life changing books! -Must read

I hope this was useful for everyone and next newsletter will answer another important question. As usual, please send any question to

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