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You are working hard every day for long hours to earn your income. However, the majority of us, don’t focus on investing this hard-earned money into income generating assets.

These assets are necessary to achieve your essential needs such as building a retirement fund, supporting your children education, Help your old parents, donate to your preferred charity, Owning your home, or quitting a job that you dislike. The good news is that turning your income into assets is much easier than you think. It just needs a decision followed by immediate action. A decision that you will start to be an investor vs. only a consumer followed by an immediate investment of part of your income (20% or more) into a diversified portfolio of assets such as Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds and Commodities.  

To help you assess yourself as an investor and to urge you to start your investment journey today, I’m sharing the assessment used with Wealth Heights coaching clients.

If your score is 8 or higher, congratulations, you are really doing great and in the right direction to reach your financial goal. Just sharpen your plans to get to 10.  

If your score is lower, you can absolutely achieve 10 points, just start your plan today, share your score with us to  and indicate the exact help you need. We are here to support you. By all means, you have to do even a simple action to improve your financial situation today. Procrastination is your biggest enemy. Don’t wait!

Investor Assessment Score (Yes = 1 point, No = 0 point)

1.I avoid “bad debts” and use “good debts” to increase my wealth  

2.I understand the concept of “compound interest” and benefit from it

3.I automatically save a min of 20% of my salary every month 

4.I pay all my credit cards on time and pay no interest 

5.I understand the fundamentals of Bonds, stocks, properties and commodities investment

6.I know the amount of money I need to be financially free and have a plan to achieve it 

7.I built my own investment strategy based on the learnings of the legendary investors

8.I own a diversified portfolio of stocks/Bonds/Gold in different markets and currencies

9.I own properties in different countries generating passive income 

10.I continuously increase my financial educations via books, courses and coaching

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