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Invest in China Real Estate from your couch!

Invest in China Real Estate from your couch!

Haitham Sadek 0 Comments

Real Estate investment, in most people mind, requires huge effort of searching the market, short list the one you liked and visit them, negotiating the price, waiting for your offer to be accepted, applying for finance, getting a property manager, etc. 

This is the traditional way of investing in Real Estate which could be very profitable if done properly following the “6 Golden Rules of Real Estate Investment”. 

However, there are other easy ways to profitably invest in the Real Estate such as crowd funding and REIT; both can be done from your couch and explained in details with examples in the “5 steps to Financial Freedom” course. 

Today, I will show you how to invest China Real Estate from your Couch via and exchange traded fund with the ticker TAO that you can buy from your stock broker. “TAO” is a niche fund that targets the Chinese and Hong Kong real estate space. In fact, TAO holds 50 Real Estate companies that owns both residential and commercial properties with Hong Kong companies make up 80% of TAO. In the past 5 years, TAO grew over 14% per and it currently pays around 6.5% of dividends; higher than most of the traditional Real Estate investment returns. The below charts show the growth of TAO price and dividends in the last 5 years. 

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