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U.S. stocks have consistently earned more than bonds over the long term, despite regular ups and downs in the market. Since 1926, stocks returned an average of almost 10% annually, bonds 5.4%, and short-term investments 3.5%, before inflation. Of course, it wasn’t a constant straight line up for that whole time, but this shows that stocks have historically offered more potential for growth over the long term. In the past 6 years, the S&P 500 grew 15.7% average per year!! This means that if you’ve invested a 1000$ in Jan 2012, it would be 2300$ by end of Dec 2017. Also, if you have invested in Wealth Heights’ “Aggressive growth portfolio”, that returned average 33.8% per year in the same time period, your 1000$ would be 5700$. The graph below illustrates the “Aggressive growth portfolio” return vs. the S&P500. These are amazing returns to ignore!

Despite that, most people are still reluctant to invest in the stock market, losing a great investment category to build and accelerate their wealth. In the next section, I will share some of the main reasons, as stated by my coaching clients and my suggested proposal, to help you overcome these barriers and encourage you to take action and start your extremely profitable stock investment journey: 

1-   Lack of knowledge

Wealth Heights’ 8-weeks and 2-weeks 1 to 1 coaching are designed to give you sufficient knowledge about Stocks, Real Estate, Bonds and Gold enabling you to invest profitably by avoiding very costly mistakes that all newbie investors do at the beginning of their investment journey. Read this article to know the full benefits of wealth heights coaching program.
2-   Not enough time to study and build a portfolio

 Wealth Heights back tested and proven stock portfolios are here to help. Highlights of these profitable stock portfolios are as follows:

  • Based on legendary investors learnings and my 20+ years of experience
  • Beating the market (S&P 500) for multiple years without excessive risk
  • It meets 4 dimensions of diversifications for extra safety
    • Different asset classes (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and Commodities)
    • Different industries (Technology, Utilities, Financials, and others)
    • Different locations (USA, Japan, UK, China, and others)
    • Different currencies ($, Yen, GBP and others) 
  • Myself or my coaching clients personally investing in these portfolios
  • It fits all types of investors:
    • Aggressive growth
    • Growth
    • Balanced
    • Conservative
    • Income

 3-   Need for a step by step program to build wealth

Wealth Heights E-Book explains 5 steps for guaranteed wealth building. It summarizes my 20+ years of investment experience to help you avoid extremely costly mistakes when buying your investment property or building your stock portfolio. It will teach you the fundamentals of bonds and commodities investment and how to build a very profitable and diversified portfolio. You are a few steps from an exciting journey to significantly improve your financial situation, secure your future and live the life you deserve.

 Avoid procrastination and ACT today. As usual, please feel free to send all your questions to

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