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Few of us know that an incredible 96% actively managed mutual funds fail to beat the market over any sustained period of time! This is what sometimes called the $13 Trillion lie (That’s how much money is in mutual funds.) 

When we say “beat the market”, we are generally referring to the S&P 500 stock index which includes the largest 500 US companies such as Apple , ExonMobile , 3M , Google ,…etc. 

Today, I want to encourage you to take action and start beating 96% of fund managers by following these simple steps: 

1- Open a broker account. I see that discounters brokers like or are good options given their low fees and markets coverage. The process of opening an account is easy and require just your ID proof (e.g. passport) and residency proof (e.g. Utility Bill). It will take just few days.

2- Read Wealth Heights’ article of Stocks Fundamentals to learn the basics of stocks investment then read my FREE ebook of “4steps that doubled my money”. If you haven’t received the eBook when you subscribed to, please send me an email to and will send you a copy. 

3- Transfer money to your  IB account. Make sure that you pay the lowest fee in any money transfer by using a low cost transfer companies like   or . Banks normally charge very high fees.

 4- Buy the S&P 500 ETF with the ticker SPY. This means that you own shares of the biggest 500 US companies and you will beat 96% of active fund managers. The S&P500 long term return is about 10% per year. 

5- Study Wealth Heights’ portfolios with up to 30% return per year for the past 7 years!

6- Keep learning via reading books, attending seminars , joining financial blogs and getting a Financial coach. 

These are very simple 6 steps to give you a head start to stock investment which is one of the most profitable investment vehicle.  

Don’t procrastinate and act TODAY ! 

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