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Stocks have been one of the best investments over time. For the past 90 years, the USA  stocks , measured by the S&P500, returned an average of 10% per year  whereas Government bonds returned 5.5% and treasury bills returned 3.4%. 

“Investing in stocks is much easier than what I thought”  this is the comment I get from most of my coaching clients after they start investing in the stock market after the first session of  Wealth Heights’ live coaching

In this article, I encourage you to start learning about the stock market investment so you don’t miss this amazing profitable investment vehicle. For example, 2017 was one of the best year for the American stock market as measured by the S&P 500 return of 21.7% vs. the long-term average of 10% per year. Wealth Heights’ stock portfolio, shared with our coaching clients, ended 2017 with a 28.8% return beating the S&P 500 by more than 7% return!

In my previous article “6 reasons why my portfolio is up over 25% in 2017” ,issued in Oct 2017, I explained in details the reasons behind this excellent performance. These 6 tips can be implemented easily for you to achieve similar great results. Based on some discussions with my coaching clients, I made it even simpler, you can now download the stock portfolio that suits your investing strategy  1) Aggressive growth,  2) Growth,  3) Balanced, 4) Conservative or 5) Income seeker investor. These portfolios beat the market for 5 consecutive years or more. Importantly, they all fulfil the 6 reasons that made my portfolio consistently beat the market. For example, if you have invested 10,000 $ in Wealth Heights’ “Aggressive growth portfolio”, that returned average 33.8% per year in the last 6 years, your 10,000$ would be 57,000$ by end of 2017 and even more by now. If you have cash in the bank with zero interest or investing in a saving account with a return of 2% per year or don’t invest at all, please act now and start benefit from these amazing returns.

2018 had one of the biggest corrections in years where the S&P 500 dropped over 13% from the all-time high reached on Jan 26th. I shared two articles,  in the middle of this correction, to help Wealth Heights’ readers to take the right decisions during this correction.

Following the same steps that I shared with you, my portfolio is up 6% in 2018 vs. only 2% for the S&P 500. Another testimonial that a well-diversified portfolio that meets Wealth Heights’ criteria of stocks investment has a very high probability to beat the market consistently.  The criteria of all wealth Heights’ portfolios can be summarized as follows:

1- Based on the legendary investors learnings (Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and others)  

2- Beating the market (S&P 500) for multiple years without excessive risk

3- It meets the 4 dimensions of diversifications for extra safety

  • Different asset classes (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and Commodities)
  • Different industries (Technology, Utilities, Financials, and others)
  • Different geographies (USA, Japan, UK, Hong Kong, and others)
  • Different currencies ($, Yen, GBP ,…others) 

4- I or my coaching clients personally invested on them

5- Fits all type of investors (Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Conservative and Income seeker)

Download the stock portfolio that suits you and start investing today!

If you don’t have a stock broker account, I used many stock brokers in the last twenty years, across multiple countries, and I can easily say that Interactive Brokers is THE BEST. It has global access to 100 markets in 26 countries and in 22 currencies. It offers one of the lowest execution fees with free education and research reports. IB trading platform is very user friendly and efficiently works on Laptops, iPads or mobiles with top security. To open your account, please  click here 

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