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About Haitham Sadek

My passion for investment started almost two decades ago. In 1998, when I was still living in my home country, Egypt, I purchased my first investment property; a 2 bedroom “buy to let” apartment. A year later, after a recommendation from my best friend’s mother, I bought 300 shares of an Egyptian construction company. I sold it later at 20% of the initial value!

This made me realize that passion isn’t enough. I started working hard to increase my financial knowledge. I read many books, attended seminars, got direct coaching from the best investors in the world, listened to CNBC and Bloomberg for countless hours, joined investment websites and blogs, took many courses and started paper trading.

Eventually, I realized that my focus was only in Egypt and I hadn’t dared to explore opportunities outside my home country. So in 2006, I bought my first “foreign” investment property in Australia and a few years later I started to buy and sell American stocks on the NYSE. Following this, I currently own or manage multi million dollars portfolio of stocks, Bonds, Gold, Real Estate, Peer to Peer and Crowdfunding across 6 countries. I wish I had considered the world as my investment field much earlier

Haitham Sadek, Dubai Investment Coach, improve your financial situation, investment property, Wealth Heights
Haitham Sadek, Wealth Heights

Over the last 16 years, I have enjoyed living in 7 countries across 4 continents as a business executive in one of the Dow 30 multinational companies. What a wonderful experience to meet new people, learn about amazing cultures and continue my financial education journey. It wasn’t in my wildest dreams that this hobby would help me save more money than my full-time job.  A few hours per week enabled me to successfully manage my family and friends’ portfolios of stocks and properties, worth multi-millions of dollars, across 6 countries.

Recently, I returned to the Middle East and found wonderful people full of potential, passion and big dreams. They aspire to save money for a better future or to start their own business to earn a bit more or invest successfully to grow their wealth. However, they often lacked the experience and skills to start. To my surprise, after all these years, the majority are still limiting their investment to their home countries, missing great global opportunities.


About Wealth Heights

Wealth Heights is dedicated to those people who want to increase their financial knowledge and to consider the globe as their investment horizon. In simple 4 or 8 hours courses, I will share my 20+ years of investment experience in stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Gold, Peer to Peer, and Crowdfunding. You will learn how to invest in UAE,UK,US, Switzerland, Australia and many other markets. You will invest in stocks portfolios that achieved up to 30% per year for the past 7 years, Real Estate with 12% Yield guaranteed for 25 years and so much more. Read the testimonials in the side bar and choose the course that suit you. It takes few hours per week but the reward is beyond what you think!

Wealth Heights’ “Wealth Store”  is where you need to visit to start your great investment journey. Whether you want 1-on-1 live coaching to create and execute your investment plan, would like to read the “5 steps to financial freedom” e-Book to prepare for your kids’ future/your retirement or want to download one of the stock investment portfolios that beat the market for many consecutive years, you simply need to CLICK HERE.

Procrastination is our biggest enemy and you might be one action away from an amazing investment journey that will help you reach your financial goal. I encourage everyone to TAKE ACTION now and please send your questions to ( I’m here to help you to significantly improve your financial situation.


All the best,