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Apple, Inc. (AAPL) has been one of the best performing stocks over the past decade, and could even arguably be considered the most successful company in history. Since bottoming out in 2008 at a split adjusted $12 a share, the stock has skyrocketed by more than 1,300% over the last nine years, and now holds the top spot in market cap value over any other publicly traded company in the world. Right now, Apple’s market value stands at roughly $895 billion, and given that the company trades at a relatively low P/E ratio, has a favorable market position, and is likely to continue to deliver double-digit growth, Apple could very well become the first publicly traded company to be valued at a trillion dollars – selling apple stock

However, at the beginning of 2017, I sold all my Apple stocks which I owned since 2009 and bought the ProShares UltraPro QQQ ETF  with the ticker TQQQ. This ETF doubled my money in 2017 ! 

It provides 3x leveraged exposure to most of the Technology giants and some Healthcare companies. Apple , Microsoft , Amazon , Facebook , Google , Intel and Cisco represent around 50% of the ETF. Investing in the QQQs would be an easy and safer way to get exposure to some of the biggest names in tech vs. investing in only one company.  For more details , please read my article “Pros and Cons of  ETFs” . You can see the top 10 holdings of TQQQ below.

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